Friday, August 8, 2008

BLAZER FANS MEET Rudy @ 11:30 tonight!

The player who most consider the best player in the toughest league outside the NBA begins Olympic play today at 11:30 Portland time.

Blazer fans can watch Rudy tonight against Greece on the USA Network. ( add 15 hours for China ) This will be my first look at Rudy and I am excited.
I want to see how Rudy uses ball fakes and screens combined with his quick 1st step to get to the hoop against the better defenders, especially Team USA.

Check back for updates on his play throughout Olympic play and let's discuss how you think he can help the Blazers this year. Rudy leads Spain with 16 points in a victory over Greece and as I said before, I was hoping to see Rudy use his quick 1st step to get by defenders and that's exactly what I got to see. He beat his man and the defender who helped using his explosive first step into the lane whenever he wanted. The Blazers will be able to put Roy, Rudy and Bayless on the floor together when the game is on the line and they need an easy basket. This is a big plus for a team that stuggled getting easy baskets. I also liked how Rudy get's into his lane so quickly after steals.
Overall, I liked what I saw from Rudy after game one and give him a solid B+ grade.

The remaining schedule for Spain is - Aug 12, 13, 16 & 18th.


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Finally there is something new up. Quit slacking, Cherry!