Friday, June 27, 2008


Anyone who has watched Jerryd Bayless play basketball will tell you he can really play the game at a high level and that's why he was listed as the 4th best player in the draft.

With the Blazers picking 13th in the draft it was impossible to think Bayless would be the guard they ended up with..............but the Blazer GMagician does what he does best and put a deal together that got them the super-explosive combo-guard Jerryd Bayless.

The Blazers can always use another shot maker and this is exactly what Bayless does best - SCORE THE BALL. His scoring ability and explosiveness is an upgrade over Jack and if they lose Jones in free-agency it could really be a plus.

The Blazers received Bayless and Diogu for Jack, Rush and Josh McRoberts.

BLAZER FANS who enjoyed Damon Stoudamire and what he did in Portland will really love Bayless because he is better in every way. Bayless is 6' 3 with an intense competitive nature who will dunk on bigs. Think of a young Steve Francis dunking the ball on bigs but even better.

Summer League MVP turned out to be Portland's own Jerryd Bayless who had his way with everyone who tried to guard him. Jerryd's quick 1st step & his non stop attacking style proved effective - the trips to the free-throw line never stopped.

I can't wait to see him in the lineup next year.

When Roy is double teamed the ball will go to Bayless instead of Jarret Jack. Jerryd will pump fake, blow by the defender and throw down over Kobe Bryant at the Rose Garden and we will hear Wheels screams over the radio waves "BOOM SHAKA LACKA''

Brandon Roy can make plays from the wing while Bayless plays off the ball. This should be a great mix of talent in the backcourt for Nate to experiment with. Expect to see this team really coming together after the All-Star break if not right before.

Kobe, get ready for a taste!!!

GO DUCKS - Maarty Leunen was drafted in round 2 by the Houston Rockets!


Young Knuckleballer said...

The T-blazers stole Bayless from the Pacers for Rush and a poo-poo platter. 2 years from now this team is gonna be a force

ripcityphil said...

I agree it was a steal.

This kid is a big upgrade over Jack.

Thanks for the note.

Mykl said...

After watching last nights Summer League Game, Bayless is ready for the NBA NOW, not down the road being brought up slowly like GM Kevin Pritchard has been saying.

While Kevin has what I consider the best eye for talent of anyone in the NBA, I'm not sure what he's talking about when it comes to Jarryd Bayless not being truly ready to be added to the main rotation this coming season.

I'm looking forward to seeing him play with Oden, Roy, Aldridge, etc., THIS season and not one or two season's down the road.

Just my opinion, although I could be wrong...



Anonymous said...

Jerryd played great against lower level competition and Pritchard will want to see more at training camp before he says anything about how he will fit into the rotation.

Nate gives out the minutes on the court so if Bayless proves in camp he deserves to be in the rotation behind Steve Blake - Nate will put him out there.

Pritchard will continue to motivate his entire roster to work hard for playing time and he's doing it here with Bayless.

Not too much praise not too little.