Monday, April 28, 2008

Should the Blazers grab Russell Westbrook, DJ Augustin or Bill Walker who is the most athletic player in the 2008 NBA Draft?

In my head I see Russell Westbrook playing pressure defense out front with Oden and Aldridge behind him. Westbrook makes a play on the ball using his great reach and large hands getting a piece of the ball knocking it from the offensive player, Westbrook spins to the left and before the crowd can stand to it's feet, finishes with a thunderous dunk at the other end.

Westbrook has the athletic ability to keep the defense on it's heels and can explode to the rim when they give up and inch. I believe Russell Westbrook could develop into a solid role player who would get the team easy baskets.

Easy baskets were hard to come by last year because the Blazers didn't have all the players it takes to be a good running team. They missed having another player off the bench who could make a steal and take the ball from mid court into the paint and dunk with authority when the defense was back peddling. They missed another quick guard who would be a threat on the fast break. They missed having another guard who could apply pressure up and down the court. Westbrook provides the Blazers with the additional skills on offense and defense they don't get from Jarret Jack and Steve Blake.

Check out these YouTube videos of Westbrook and Bill "SKY WALKER" and tell me these guys wouldn't rock the RoseGarden in a Blazer uniform next season.

I can't help but picture Westbrook or Bill Walker going left to right on your radio dial and finishing with a thunderous "BOOM SHAKA LACKA"

If Westbrook is already gone when the Blazers chose they should

1. Look closely at DJ Augustin from Texas along and Bill Walker from KSU.

I don't think the Blazers should worry too much about finding a point guard who can step in right away because the 275 pound monster Greg Oden will be patrolling the painted area along with Aldridge and that will make everyone on the team better players - including JJack and Steve Blake.
ODEN'S IMPACT will be beyond your imagination.

Taking Augustin wouldn't be too big of a risk. DJ will be a player in the NBA even if he is undersized. He runs the pick and roll very well and he can shoot it. He reminds me of a young Damon Stoudamire / Mike Conley type point guard. DJ has been a winner for a long time and would fit in with the Blazers culture. He's a very smart player.

The Blazers are adding Rudy Fernandez so the team can use BRoy at the point as much as they need when Jack and Blake are not getting the job done. I can see Sergio getting more opportunities to run the team with GO in the lineup. Nate can put up with a few mistakes from Sergio and the other guards with Oden being on the floor at the same time.

The Point Guard position isn't as bad as many seem to think it is.

Bill Walker and DJ Augustin are my sleepers in the 2008 NBA Draft.

A few others who could help the team include - Joe Alexander is an athletic wing and is a tough kid who could be a valuable reserve someday or CDR - who is unorthodox but can really score the ball. Ryan Anderson from Cal could be a diamond in the rough. Taking Gallinari or Batum who they can develop in Europe for a few seasons would work with the 3 2nd round picks. If they decide to trade up, I wouldn't mind seeing the Blazers taking Russell Westbrook or even Kevin Love who would be an upgrade over Channing Frye. Frye is coming up on his contract year and could be used in a sign and trade deal later. Bill Walker might go late in round one so Pritchard would have to use a few second round picks to move up and get him.
These players should also get a look - Ty Lawson, Donte Green, Mareese Speights, Robin Lopez, Brandon Rush, Anthony Randolph, Shan Foster, Maarty Leunen, Mbah a Moute, David Padgett, Bryce Taylor.


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