Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"The Summer of Kevin Pritchard"

It was a fun season for Trail Blazer fans who watched the team win 54 games and secure home court advantage in round one of the NBA Playoffs. Even though the Blazers had the HC advantage, the Rockets were too much for the young team and they were eliminated in six games. Roy and Aldridge were the only Blazers who showed up on a consistent basis but it didn't stop Blazer star Brandon Roy who said his goal next year was to win a Championship and he will work to do whatever it takes to get it done.

I love Roy's attitude but the current roster has holes and unless Kevin Pritchard can work his magic over the summer bringing in toughness in the low post along with a veteran who's played in big games, Roy's goal of winning a Championship will not be in the cards.

Kevin Pritchard needs to make a few decisions on players to add or subtract and one that I would love to see on the add list is Grant Hill. Hill played in every game this season for the 1st time in many years and provides them with a veteran who's played in many big games. Making under 2million last year, the Blazers could offer him twice that amount and still get a great deal.

A Healthy Martell Webster with Grant Hill and Nicolas Batum backing him up makes it tough on Travis Outlaw to play SF. His only contribution to the team is on the offensive end and if his shot isn't falling, he's a liability on defense you just can't ignore so backing up Lamarcus at the 4 isn't they way to go. Let's be honest, Outlaw can't guard a chair. The team needs to improve their defense and add some toughness but help can only come through free agency. There are 3 players that could help the team in this department - Paul Milsap, Anderson Varejao and David Lee.

Giving RUDY the role of the 3rd scoring option is a good way to go next year making Travis Outlaw expendable.

The summer of Pritchard should be interesting.

Bad News out of Portland today - Greg Oden has decided to return to Ohio to attend classes this summer and will apparently work on his game when he's not studying the books. I think this is a BAD decision by a guy who was picked #1 overall, missed last year with an injury and came back looking slow and uncoordinated. What I wanted him to say - "I want to take a month off and I promise to get back to work on the court & Yes, I will be part of the Blazers summer league team"

Question for Blazer Fans -
How will you feel if Greg Oden shows up at training camp looking like the same player he was this year? Do you think he will make the Olympic Team? Is Kirk Hinrich the answer for the Blazers at the point guard or would you rather have Andre Miller who skipped the exit interview in Phily? Tell us how you feel.

Blazer Fan Phil

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