Monday, February 18, 2008

Bet on Brandon Roy being ready for the 2nd Half!

Brandon Roy showed everyone around the country he belonged on the All-Star team and is the one player on the Blazers who will be ready to compete at a high level during the final 30 games of the NBA season.
The question remains?
Will Aldridge, Webster, Outlaw, Jack, Frye and Sergio improve their shooting enough in the 2nd half to help the team grab the 8th spot in the west?
Aldridge is the most important of the 6 players who must improve their shooting percentage. Aldridge gets a lot of easy opportunities being the 1st or 2nd option in the offense and if he starts hitting the wide open shots the Blazers will have a chance up until the final day of the season.
Making the playoff's would be a nice achievement for the Blazers but if you want what is best for the franchise longterm, missing the playoff's and getting into the lottery would still be the best thing for this team.
The goal should still be about developing the 2nd and 3rd year players because the lottery is where RipCity's GMagician Kevin Pritchard
can pick out another superstar for this roster. This team needs to make sure it keeps pace with the Lakers, Hornets, Suns & Spurs and getting into the playoff's will not help them accomplish that goal.
The lottery does more for the Blazers and it brings many options including trading the pick for an established veteran that can help Brandon Roy come playoff time next year.
Winning 40+ games is still impressive.
"that's my story & I'm sticking to it"
Blazer Fan Phil
JAMES JONES UPDATE - The MRI he had done showed no signs of knee damage and the blazers will continue to rest Jones while he receives treatment.

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